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4 Holiday Lessons From 2020

This year gave us some harsh lessons…about social distancing, the deep inequality that remains entrenched in society, and the fragility of democracy.

1. Holiday Traditions Hold Value

For some reason, traditions were heavy on my mind this year. This was the first year I imagined and got excited for the Christmas traditions I will start with my eventual future family. Whether it be caroling, decorating a tree, writing holiday cards, or going out to see Christmas decorations, traditions separate this time of year from any other.

Me and my hefty heavy bag of holiday cards

2. Treat Yourself

After I spent that ungodly amount of time and energy, sending out those little gifts to everyone, I was able to go on the road trip I had planned. I went to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park, two beautiful places on my bucket list. It was the perfect way to have a quick getaway to shift my focus inward from having it on everyone else.

I treated myself to a Winter Wonderland

3. Experiences > Material Items

Despite my profoundly festive nature, the Grinch and I share at least one thing in common: we both hate the consumerist co-opting of Christmas.

How could anyone hate on such a dope sweater?

4. Don’t Expect Family To Appreciate Things The Way Others Do.

This one is sort of serious and sort of silly.

So the joke is since I’m forever single, this is the closet I can get to a family Christmas photo. The first picture is from 2019. This year I updated the joke to include a holiday vacation and the newest addition, my daughter Isla, since I was inspired to be an awesome “girl Dad” like Kobe!

Just a man living with a wild notion that I can be the change I wish to see in this world. See my website to follow my journey as I do this.

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